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A resource has come to my attention that you budding HTML jockeys should take a peek at, before you go anywhere else. Grizz Dozier has developed the HTML Primer for the novice pagebuilder. If you have limited or no experience in this arcane language, this page is for you. Grizz has even provided a test lab where you can practice your skills after each lesson. A fellow member of the HTML Writers Guild, Grizz has done a remarkably superb job of developing a tool that will help us all become more proficient writers of HTML.

If this is not a completely new excursion for you, a trip to the National Center for Supercomputing Applications(NCSA) might be another place to start. This is where you can locate links to documents on virtually any topic concerning Webpage creation and the like.

Now that you've seen NCSA, creators of some of the earliest browsers, you might want to stop by the site created by the folks at Wired Magazine. WebMonkey is perhaps the most complete set of guides available for creating Web pages. They let you take a day-by-day approach to the often daunting task of writing HTML. If browsing through the pages provided by these talented folk doesn't get your creative juices flowing, nothing will. Why not give them a look?

An HTML5 Cheat Sheet has been created that I have no doubt you will find to be invaluable as you start your journey to become HTML proficient.This sheet has a considerable amount of helpful information for putting together your home page. It is presented in both PDF and .png formats and can be printed on your local printer.

The Yale Web Style Manual is a quite extensive resource that I find and extremely valuable. Many more resources for Web Page Creation are available with a simple click.

I suppose you may have looked through the first four stops and found some of them to be too "techie" oriented. If you really want to see the whats, whys, and how-to's of page design, Dave Siegel has set up a page for you to explore. Lots and lots of work has gone into the Casbah. Give 'ol Dave a visit.


Okay, now that you have your webpage all spiffed up, you might want to see how well it works. The Web Design Group is just the place for you. You can use this tool to see if your HTML is written correctly. The WDG Validator is ready to give you service as needed.

If you really aren't all that interested in looking for HTML tips and pointers, maybe you'd like to door into my living room.

For those of you new to this experience, The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software is the place to begin your quest for Internet and Web tools. Just try TUCOWSTUCOWS Logo.

If you didn't find what you were looking for, give the next site a try.

The Consummate Winsock Apps List, also known as Stroud's Lists CWSA Logo is another wonderful "tool" resource. You can even find the latest Virtual Reality Modeling Language Browsers here. What, you say you aren't familiar with VRMLVRML Logo. Well, traveller, investigate.

Many of you have questions about certain picture/movie formats and viewers that can be used on the Web. Allison Zhang has put together a really wonderful set of tools and information. To get there, just click on Multimedia File Information and browse away.

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If you are looking for a way to get to or find other pages, Yellow Pages at InfoSpace is an excellent way to accomplish just that. Check them out. You'll be pleased, I'm sure.

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